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About Crosaires | An Aging in Community Residence

Crosaires (noun, the Gaelic word for "crossroads")

Crosaires believes an elder is still growing, thriving and learning, thus experiencing crossroads in life. As we age, such changes will again find us standing and facing additional crossroads, sometimes not knowing which path to choose. We will stand by you.

Crosaires is a state licensed private residence in Williamston, Michigan, that is home to no more than six individuals who may require any and all assistance with activities of daily living.

Crosaires provides treatment as well as individualized care. Treatment defined as meeting the medical needs of an individual; care defined as exploring any and all opportunities to assist another in continuing to grow throughout the human life cycle.

Series of crossroads, family experiences lead to Crosaires

All of our lives have intersected with "Crosaires," or crossroads. While some of these experiences had us making life-altering decisions that were joyous in nature; others were rooted in pain and sadness. Yet through the years, it has been these crossroads and all of life’s powerful experiences that molded us into the person we are today.

In the summer of 1985, Shirley Walter, the mother of Crosaires owner Todd Walter, along with Shirley's siblings, were faced with a major crossroad. After a rather brief illness and subsequent sudden passing of their father, family members found their mother Marie now actively grieving and struggling to find a way to carry on with her new life.

After a short period of time of living alone in the large farmhouse that Marie and her late husband Sylvester had shared for over 50 years, another crossroad was encountered. It was here when Shirley, her siblings and their mother made the decision to have Marie leave her homestead and reside for a period of time with each of her children in their homes. After several months at this attempt and with the best of intentions, yet another crossroad was faced when the decision was finally made to have Marie move to a small residential care home to protect her dignity, self-worth and level of independence.

Marie resided in a quaint adult foster care home for close to eight years, but yet another crossroad was encountered when near the end of her life, her overall care needs were beyond what the home felt they were able to adequately meet, thus Marie was finally moved to a skilled, institutional nursing home for the remainder of her life. While in the nursing home, Marie received good medical treatment, but lived in an environment that failed to reach her soul, thus medical treatment was confused with genuine humane care.

For the short period of time Marie lived in the nursing home, the institutional-based system did not allow others to see her as a unique human being, rather merely viewed as a task, a checklist, a bed number, etc. The institutional model robbed Marie of her identity, dignity and, finally, self-worth.

At the time of his grandmother’s death in February 1996, Todd Walter made a personal and professional commitment to begin to work with others to forever change the institutional model of nursing home care so that no one moving forward would experience what Marie or her family did. In doing so, for the next 20-plus years, Todd has remained an active leader in the progressive elder care movement across the state of Michigan as well as around the country.

For 25-plus years, Todd had dreamed of owning his very own small residence where the elders/residents would be able to live fully integrated lives, direct their own plan of care with the assistance of others and be honored for the individuals they were and are today. Crosaires is the answer Todd has been searching for throughout the years.

About our Founder

Todd Walter

Todd E. Walter

Founder and Owner

Todd has more than 25 years experience in serving older adults and is viewed by others as a leader in progressive eldercare advocacy projects in the state of Michigan and around the country.

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