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Employment | An Aging in Community Residence

Our Vision Statement: Honoring elderhood by continuously creating a culture of well-being, rich in meaning and purpose.

Crosaires believes strongly in a person-directed delivery-of-care approach. Our goal is to utilize the art of active listening all while honoring the voices and choices of the people who live in this unique residence. If you share our vision statement, we may have room for you on our staff.

Our staff members are care partners, not care givers. The reason behind this decision is based on the actual word "caregiver." When you break this word in half, care/giver, it refers to one who only consistently gives care, thus a one-way street.

As humans, if we are only providing care and not receiving it back, our personal and professional lives are unbalanced. The same is true for older adults, as in many institutional settings, elders only receive care and the staff only gives it. As "Care Partners," we enter into a new relationship where we will work together to accomplish a task or goal all while honoring each other and celebrating in our accomplishments.

Crosaires is continuously accepting applications of talented individuals who share our dedication to working as care partners. Click below for a job application.

About our Founder

Todd Walter

Todd E. Walter

Founder and Owner

Todd has more than 25 years experience in serving older adults and is viewed by others as a leader in progressive eldercare advocacy projects in the state of Michigan and around the country.

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