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Testimonials | An Aging in Community Residence

Crosaires founder and owner Todd Walter has more than 20 years of experience in serving older adults. Todd leads a team of individuals committed to providing high quality, person-directed care.

We understand the service we offer is vital to our residents and we strive to provide the best possible care.

For as long as I've known Todd, he has dreamed of owning and operating a small eldercare home. His passion and enthusiasm for person-directed care and his steadfast belief that elders deserve to live in a vibrant environment where they can continue to grow, are unmatched in our field. Crosaires is the culmination of Todd's vision of creating a home where elders are supported to live a meaningful life in community regardless of the challenges they face."

— Cean Eppelheimer
Aging Professional


When we began looking for Mom’s new home in Michigan in 2017, it quickly became emotional and challenging to find both quality of life and safety for our mother who lives with advanced dementia. The day I met Todd I knew in my heart that Crosaires was that place. From the beautiful setting in the country, to the home atmosphere, to the Care Partners who assist in a way that is individualized, flexible, patient and loving, I could never have imagined a more perfect place. Mom belly laughs every single day. She feels the wind in her hair on rides through the countryside on the Tri-Shaw bicycle. She is surrounded by music every day and often sings along. She goes on outings every week. On a recent windy spring day, she even got to fly a kite! Imagine my joy at seeing a photo of my mother flying a kite! None of these things would be within her reach in an alternative setting. I often picture in my mind what her life would be like somewhere else and this helps me to never take for granted the gift we were given to find Todd and become a part of the Crosaires Family. Mom is not just existing and being taken care of, instead she is living.”

— Sara Aikman


Our family was so fortunate to find Crosaires when we reached our own crossroads. Todd Walter is the heart and soul of Crosaires. Since living at Crosaires my grandmother now has the opportunities not just to live, but be an active, contributing member of her household and larger community. Crosaires is a true home with a mission to fulfill each older adult’s potential skills and interests. Anyone who is searching for a place for a loved one would be beyond fortunate to join the Crosaires family."

— Nicole Ellefson-Frank
Granddaughter of Virginia Ellefson/Elder living at Crosaires


To Todd Walter for always caring for both our parents for the past four and a half years as though they were his own flesh and blood, my entire family can never express enough gratitude. Todd is living his dream at Crosaires, which he, with the help of so many people and care partners, has built and is building from the ground up on a daily basis. I learned from Todd many years back that life is a journey. He helped Mom and Dad live that journey to the fullest the entire time they were honored to call Crosaires home."

— Jill Perkins

About our Founder

Todd Walter

Todd E. Walter

Founder and Owner

Todd has more than 25 years experience in serving older adults and is viewed by others as a leader in progressive eldercare advocacy projects in the state of Michigan and around the country.

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